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Making A Sub Box Enclosure For Your Car Step by Step Guide

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For this process, you will need:

  1. Circular/table saw
  2. glue (I used tigerseal - if it holds bodykits on it will hold this !)
  3. MDF
  4. bricks (or similar heavy items)
  5. G clamps
  6. workbench/table etc...
Right then, lets begin!

Step 1

Cut the bottom of the box, helpful to use carpet from boot floor for this, remember the dimensions are entirely up to you but it does have to fit in once your done !

Cut the bottom of the box Use carpet from boot floor

Step 2

Remember the back of your seats usually slope for boot installs !

Cut side pieces that match the gradient of the back of your back seats and make sure theyre the same and the right length (length of sides = depth of bottom - thickness of back)

Cut a piece for the back the same length as the floor piece

Check it all fits together properly and glue in place !

It may be necessary to put bricks or heavy things in place to stop things moving while the glue sets you can use screws or panel pins to hold it together but I find they quite often split the MDF, so I just settle for strong glue and wait for it to set !

Cut side pieces Glue in place

Step 3

If you are making a fiberglass box then take the recessed speaker mounts you made in part 1 and glue them in the right place using pieces of wood, make sure they arent going to get in the way of the fiberglass or the speaker !

If your making a complete MDF box (BORING!) then I guess its time for you to carpet it, go on ebay, buy a few rolls of bass box carpet and glue it down with PVA or equivalent ! is useful to have a stanley knife handy for trimming up the edges after you stick it down !

Glue recessed speaker mounts on

TIP: Remember when putting two subs in one box they must be in seperate compartments ! my chosen method is to have a bit of wood out the way of everything but leaving a 90 degree edge making it easy to cut the first layer of fiberglass in the right place and insert another piece of MDF to seperate the subs (see pic above) the separating piece can then be trimmed and sealed in place with resin !

Now you're ready to fibreglass your sub box

By Andy

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