Ripspeed Donny North Show - 9-10th April 2005   Girls and Motors, for the racer in all us girls

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Ripspeed Donny North Show - 9-10th April 2005


Ripspeed Donny North show ~ 9-10th April 2005 ~ Girlsnmotors 1st show of the year.

We arrived at Donny about 8.15am on the sunday (10th). It was quite chilly outside although the sun was shining! (not like last year wen it rained all day!) We decided to start queing as it was getting longer and longer! The doors opened at 9am, and was i glad 2get in!

Once inside there was an indoor section where the auto glym comp was taking place,there were some lovely cars there that had had alot of time and money spent on them, but then there were some that were horrid! Once outside we saw the FASTCAR stand which had a big stage which the MISS FASTCAR girls were dancing on, REDLINE also had a big stage and inflatable - not sure of what it was though! LoL. MAX POWER were there too and loads of other mags and companies. The UK's version of Pimp My Ride were there too, holding a comp 2win merchandise near the sound off competiton was taking place.

Moving onto the cars - there were almost every type of car/van there, all looking different in some way,as you can see from the pics. There were some gorgeous paint jobs and boot builds too. There was as much bass as anyone could possibly want - even when we were queing at 8.30 in the morning! My favorite car was a pink pug 206cc - it was gorgeous!!! There was some really crazy ideas gone into these cars and projects. Respect to the people who have created some works of art! Then there were the real cars . . . a whole tent of Ferrari's! Old ones and new one's!

There were some hot hunnies (and some mingers!) walking around from FASTCAR, MAX POWER, REDLINE, FUSION, FUEL, VIBE and many more mags and companies, then inside (all nice and warm) there were more including the famous Jakki Degg, Ebony, Holly Maguire, Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh who were all signing merchandise for fans. (I got a signed mouse mat and massive poster for my brother off Jakki Degg - whoooo!)

There was also some live arena action all through the day - the grandstand was packed when the likes of stunt drivers Terry Grant and Russ Swift came on and the quad stunt rider Kangaroo Kid. FireForce were also on top form with there jetcar demo.

Overall i think that the show was good - but not as good as recent years. There wasn't as many cars,stalls and most importantly show girls! LoL!!!!!

Show report and photos by LiL H


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