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Donny South @ North Weald , 14th August 05


Ripspeed Donny South 2005 @ North Weald Airfield

Saturday - Pre Show BBQ

So it was finally Ripspeed Donny South weekend after a long wait and in the aftermath of USC it was time for the Girlsnmotors members to hook up and do it all again.

On the Saturday before the show we arranged for a BBQ around our house, so those that were travelling from the far reaches of the UK were able to meet up and camp in the garden. On the Saturday during the day I spent hours and I mean HOURS on making sure the garden was looking well pruned and all the grass was cut.

This was all very well but as I was just finishing cutting the final part of the grass the heavens opened up and that was it set in for the whole night, needless to say nobody pitched their tent in the garden (although I did point out the spot where Steve and Kelly needed to pitch their tent when they arrived in the dark). Regardless of the rain everyone had a great night, Speedy became chief man baby sitter while fighting Alanna for a hold of Kyler, Andy well Andy was just Andy or is it Jack ? Scott came and went like a yo yo once was to pick up Kel from work ... good lad !!

After many hours of drinking, eating and generally laughing (mainly at Andy, Jack or whatever his name is) it was time for us all to go to bed in readiness for the Ripspeed Donny South show the next day.

Sunday - Ripspeed Donny South Show Day

So it was show day and the sun was out, the birds were singing, it was 6am and we all had sore heads ... apart from Kyler who was happy as Larry (whoever the hell Larry is ?!?!?!), nether the less we all dragged our sore heads from the pillow got ourselves dressed and prepared for the busy show that was ahead.

After a short drive (and meeting Speedy, Terry, John, Alanna, Scott and everyone else on route) we found ourselves in the relatively large queue leading into the North Weald airfield where the Ripspeed Donny South show is held, we finally made our way in and found the stand quite quickly although we nearly drove past, but thanks to my eagle eyes we didn't. We very quickly arranged the cars on stand and the stand although small was very satisfactory as it always is (apart from trouble putting up the girlsnmotors banner grrrr !!!).

Throughout the day we all had some fun on the mini moto as behind the stand was a massive open field, Speedy in particular doing his "superman" mini moto riding was highly amusing, we also had a football so intermittently myself Steve, John and Speedy had a kick about, untill we were too knackered to keep going (so after about 2 minutes each time !!). We all managed to walk about the show and look at the other show stands, congratulations to X2C for winning stand of the show, I'm sure it cost about as much to put the stand together as they won but it was well presented.

There was also plenty of action on the 0-60 race strip and Terry Grant performing his stunt show (which to be honest I find is pretty boring once you've seen it more than once) and the usual Clarion and Fuel shows amongst other things, this was till the heavens opened again and the show was rained off immediately (saving Andy from his butt whipping he was due to receive) and everyone started leaving about mid afternoon, Girlsnmotors all did the same but before parting company we all met up in Mac Donald's for a bite to eat.

All in all the show was ok but being so close to Essex I found it attracted the more chav type of young lads out there (rather like Meanstreet cruise), I wouldn't say it was the best show in the year for Girlsnmotors but it was good to have a presence there anyway, if anything just to all meet up and have a laugh, which as usual when we meet, we did.

Show Rating: 1 out of 5

Show Report by Mr Skyline

Photos by Vwmadgirl + Minimadgirl + Mr Skyline


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