GTI Spring Festival was held at Santa Pod, read this page to see the ins and outs of this predominantly Volkswagen orientated show, 24th April 2005 - Show Report   Girls and Motors, for the racer in all us girls

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GTI International - Sat 7th & Sun 8th May 05


GTI International - Sat 7th & Sun 8th May 05 - Show Report

After my car deciding to break down the day before Inters last year, and me at Norwich this year, it would have been rude for me not to go along this year. I even managed to get me a privileged parking spot; them extra few hundred yards walk to the car would have killed me I tell you.

A nice early start again made sure I was at the Norwich convoy point for 7.30. However, missing a turning and getting slightly lost down some almost farm lanes did almost make me run late, nice clean car for the show, I think not now. Met up at the convoy point, and there was another 7 cars there, would be a good size to go down to the event.

An hour's drive with the "wacky racers" or so they are called, and we were at RAF Bentwaters by about 9, and drove straight in without any waiting. Instantly could see the Mk 5 Golf GTI testing track, and the tyre-testing course. The 0-60 spring track was also not far away, but we decided to go through the main trade stands to get to see show first.

Walking through the various stands, and nothing caught my eye, I walked through to what was the show and shine areas. There must have been a good 100 cars entering, with a good mixture of old and new. There was a distinct lack of club stands; there were about 5 of them. This was due to the greedy organisers charging 25 quid for 3 car pitches. Talk about not putting a show on for the people, as club stands are something I always enjoy looking around.

Some of the show and shine cars were looking rather sweet, with people still polishing them until after 10am, trying to get them to shine. After walking through, spotted the auto jumble at the end of the cars, there were a few stands there, but nothing selling what I wanted.

This, however, was the size of the show. By 11, I had seen it all, not much of a show to really shout about. Luckily, by then, Andy, Steve, Schue and Sarah from the site had come along, thank god for that. Had a good chat about the cars and the show, and decided to go wander around again. Went into some of the hangers, where they seemed to favour selling lexus lights and bolt on tat, not what I was expecting to see at a VW meet.

We then met another forum member briefly, Pittuf (aka Jon), who had his car on the VR6 stand. Only had a brief chat, but was good to meet another forum member.By this time, the heavens had opened, and rained more than once, dampening the spirits of an already, down hill day. Whilst taking photos, them lot ran off, leaving me all alone, mean people. However, met another set of mates so went off with them for a while. I feel, that if you came on your own today, it would have been a very lonely show, and would have left by midday.

Went for some food, had a huge breakfast roll, and it was even too big to fit in my mouth, I know that's a shock, but it's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Went off to the sprint track afterwards, but they only had a small section for spectators, which was very over crowed. Stayed 5 minutes, and decided to leave as could not see the cars, or even the times they were running. Very poorly organised.Had one final look round, to see much of the same. Getting to about 2pm, had several messages from people saying they was leaving, and I decided that I had seen all there was to see, 5 times, and was time to go. There was so many great cars in the car park, the organisers missed out on a lot of great cars by charging so much for club stands. Some companies never learn.

Best bit of the day was going home down some fun and twisty back roads. Overall, I would say it was a rather poor show, and not worth the £15 per person entry to get into. The location was too far away for many people; the price for club stands was ridiculous and that all combined to give a bad atmosphere. The weather didn't help, and there were very few Euro dubs. I will probably not go again next year, if things do not change.

Show report 1 and photos by Red

GTI International - MiniMadgirl's View on the days events.

It all started about 5 o’clock when we got a text from Andy saying I am awake now u need to wake up well the real text was something quiet disgusting so a few hours later I rolled out of bed about seven o’clock to meet Steve Andy and shoei.

We then made are way to Gti international with lots of burps and farts on the way all from Andy before anyone asks all the smell was from Andy .we arrive at the show now not being a big vw fan I think I was converted even though I think some of the best cars were in the car park.

It was then time to make are way around the stands to have a look at what cars where around and what trade stands had to sell, to Andy’s disappointment no fuel girls were present just two girls in small skirts handing out flyers but that didn’t make up for the fuel girls not being there, I think that was the only reason he went !!.

We met up with Sam(Red) who wasn’t parked near us because he had privileged parking I don’t know some people get all the good places, Sam who followed us around for most of the day from the rear as Andy put it, then we went back to the car and had some home made rolls Steve had borrowed from work and after Andy burping in my face we made are way back to the show where we got down to the end of the row of cars and I saw a familiar car on the vr6 owners stand it was Jonathon(Pittuf) so we met up with Jonathon and looked around some more cars and took loads of photos.

My favourite car being the pink golf cabby it was so nice, the weather wasn’t to bad it rained on and off I had my girls motors t-shirt on to do my advertising bit for the site, I brought some new number plates for my car and then we all made are way to watch a bit of strip action wasn’t much happening their so then we decided to call it a day really.

Show report 2 by Minimadgirl and pictures by Red


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