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Max Power London, 27th-28th November 2004

  Max Power London,ExCeL, 27th-28th November 2004

The weekend of the 27th and 28th November, London, Docklands hosts once again the Max Power show, one of the biggest, loudest and the sexiest car show of the year. Including some of the best modified motors, loads of gorgeous babes, the coolest ICE and also an indoor Cruise Strip.

Well we woke up at 09.00 Sunday morning, even though thatís when the show started, but it was a Sunday at the end of the day so we wanted some sort of lie in.Mates and I left at 10.00 and made our way down the M1 to London, Docklands. I drove down and had Smartnav to direct us once hitting London (Thank god I did because I hate driving in London and always seem to get lost). Doubt Iíd have found the Docklands without it!

The motorway was the easy part, traffic was good and got to London well before 11.00, but London was a nightmare and seeing as I am only use to driving in Milton Keynes really (those who have been there we know its all straight roads and loads of roundabouts) I hated all the one-way systems, bus lanes and congestion of London Roads! Took us about 40 minutes to travel 10 odd miles.

We arrived at the Docklands, parking was a nightmare, it was packed and we had to use the park and ride in the end to the Excel building! Tickets were £24 on the door that included entry to the cruise strip also, think its pretty expensive and if you want the AAA passes its even more, not sure how much extra though, you donít get a lot for your £24 really, apart from the cruise strip, your paying the rest to just walk around look at a few nice cars and gorgeous girls.

We made our way into the show, had a look at a few stands and traders selling bits, you can pick up some cheap bargains but personally I never saw anything that interested me, most traders were selling loads of neonís, just back boxes and cheap ice! By then it was time for us to go into the cruise strip, we sat down and first on stage out of a limo was Victoria Silvstedt for a brief appearance, she looked stunning as always Ė Apparently her favorite car is a Hummer, and at the minute she drives a Merc (though she didnít specify which model) Then appeared a few other Max Babes, a few drifters also doing some doughnuts etc, a mini doing stunts on two wheels and of course some Terry Grant action in a Ferrari, the show wouldnít have been complete without him!

All in all the cruise strip was really good and very entertaining.After we decided to grab something to eat, didnít have much choice think it was just beef burgers or chicken burgers, which arenít the nicest at car shows but it did the job!

Then went to look at more cars in a different section of the building, lots of nice cars, mostly Saxos, 106ís and Corsas! Small hatches are also the most popular! They were all very nice and clearly had, had a lot of money spent on them and are very well looked after, you can see a lot of time and effort goes into them, so many people polishing them as we walked around!

We also had a look at where they had a stand where they were training on ICE installs which was cool.Took loads of pictures of the cars as we walked around as you can see and a few of the babes, in the show babes section, ignoring the funny looks I was given by the majority of them! We left the show fairly early as to avoid the majority of traffic.

Max power London was a good show in all, loads of cars, Babes and ICE, however if you also went to the NEC back in July it was obviously very similar and many of the same cars were at both. Proved to be a good day out though!!!

Cruise report by Alanna

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