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Trax @ Silverstone Circuit, 5th September 05


Trax @ Silverstone Circuit, 5th September 05

Well the morning started for us rather later than we hoped it would , as we didn’t get up till about 9am when we had a phone call from Andy (Mad Mechanic) asking where we are so they could meet us in trax…. Which I replied still at home :o( and he said the queue’s where really bad so we sorted our stuff out got the little man ready and headed off up towards Silverstone circuit, Rick drove up there and when we arrived there was no queue at all, although it was midday I guess we just missed all the rush which was a good thing, we found a space to park the liner right by the way in and went to get our tickets …. Only to be told that they won’t take cards, cash only and the cash machine was inside ….Helpful eh!!! So I rang Andy and he came to our rescue and let us the cash to get in till I could get it back from the machine, poor bugger was all the way over in the corps when I phoned him and had ran all the way to help us, thanks for that Andy you are a star :o)

Once inside we started off by getting a drink and something to eat as we was starving and it was such a hot day to so first stop was the food place , then it was on to find shoei and blondi and then off for a look about the place to see what was about . We saw all the usual stands such as redline, fast car and loads of club stands and trade stalls … We sat on the bank while we ate our food and changed the little dude and watched some track action and a few sideways spins and then made our way to the fast car stand to watch Andy have his arse spanked by the clarion girls.

We made sure we was up the front to get some full on action shots of Andy enjoying his asre whipping, the girls positioned themselves and got the surprise of there life when Andy pulled his pants down to reveal two targets on his boxers saying hit me here and there names, that sure made them smile and I think made them smack him even harder though he seemed to enjoy it.

We then walked about for a bit and took some photos of the cars about and girls around the show, and also watched a little more of the track action while we changed the little dude and then it was time for the wet t-shirt comp and as it was such a warm day I asked Carla (blondi) if she was up for doing it, so we both joined in the fun and went to get out t-shirts on! We made our way to the stage and awaited to be fired with the water guns, it was nice and cooling and a good laugh, Rick got lots of photos of us and after that we had abit more of a look about before making our way out of the show to try and beat the traffic coming out of Silverstone…… I drove home and we had abit of fun with a very wide jeep, was a good day all in all, weather was nice, and there was a big crowd of people at the show and a nice end to this years shows. Roll on 2006 ;o)

Show Rating: 3 out of 5

Show Report by Vwmadgirl

Photos by Vwmadgirl + Mr Skyline


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