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Welcome to the much awaited dudes section of the site, this section includes the full profiles of all the girlsnmotors 'REAL' sexy guys especially for all you girls to drool over.

As the site is dedicated to the girl modders in the world, it would be unfair not to have some guys for you to dribble over. It's all very well having sexy gorgeous babes draped over a car to satisfy the guys on the internet, but we at Girlsnmotors thought it was about time you girls had some sexy blokes to dribble over ... and why not !!

Like with the babes section, this section features REAL guys that you can REALLY talk to and meet at shows and get togethers.

If you are a guy and want to have a profile on this page we only ask a few simple things, the same with the babes. All we ask is firstly sign up to the girls and motors forum and then you need to fill in the dude profile application form after you have done this then someone will contact you and ask you for 10-12 pictures and that's it, easy as that.

Although we don't get as many requests as we do for the babe section, we DO have to make it clear that if you are a male model looking to further your career, then you are in the wrong place, the guys you see on this page only have profiles for a bit of a laugh and to give the girls something to look at ... now ... ONTO THE DUDES !!!

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Barman and model SteveVTS >>>

Stevevts is a fairly new member to girlsnmotors but has settled into the family quite nicely, but with boyish good looks like that who are we girls to complain.

Barman and model SteveVTS

Sexy DJ Mr Skyline

Sexy DJ Mr Skyline >>>

Mr Skyline site co owner along with vwmadgirl, is not just brainy he's good looking too, this Hertfordshire DJ sure pulls in the the girlie crowds and with a body like that it's hardly suprising.

BT Engineer Shaunie >>>

Shaunie (aka Shaun) is one of the new members of girlsnmotors...But with looks and a body like that im sure you will all agree he is truly welcome here .... wouldnt you agree girls.

BT Engineer Shaunie

Handsome student Red

Handsome student Red >>>

Red is one of Girlsnmotors chief forum moderators, he is friendly and keeps all the members laughing with his witticism. You can see this hunk form Norwich in the pictures on his profile, doing his bit for the girls on the Girlsnmotors site.

Unemployed young l3w1n_uk >>>

Please welcome Terry Lewin to the dudes section of Girlsnmotors, the section for all you girlies out there that want to gawp at sexy guys on the internet it's about time you had some content to look at and dribble.

Unemployed young l3w1n_uk

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Girlsnmotors would like to say a sincere thanks to you guys on the dudes section for being brave enough to provide the girls with some nice looking men to look at and brighten up their days.

We are well aware that some of you have received a bit of stick over having done this for the site but we want you to know that these people are only jealous of you and in actual fact if you click on the following link - SEXY BLOKES you will see that the worlds biggest search engine thinks that you are the best dudes in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

So next time you see people giving you stick about your profile just point this out to them and laugh at their jealousy.

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